Iceberg Products

The Ice Chest is the newest design in cooler innovation. It is a highly durable product that offers a mounting system that is applicable to almost any type of Golf Car, Vehicle, Boat, etc... There are mulitiple brackets that are mountable to a variety of Golf Cars, along with a universal bracket that fits most applications. There is also an option to have a custom bracket designed for your personal application.
Cooler, Designable, Brandable, Custom, Customizable, Personalization
A Custom Designable Cooler that is mountable, stackable, durable, dependable, and unique cooler.
Cooler, Large Capacity, 12 Pack, 12 cans, Mountable, Dependable
An economy cooler that is Mountable, Stackable, Durable, Large Capacity, and Dependable
Mountable, Stackable, Designable, Golf Car, Golf Cart, E-Z-GO, Yamaha, Club Car
A mountable Cooler to Golf Cars, Golf Carts, Multiple Application. Also Stackable, Dependable, and Durable
Our Premium Custom Cooler is a Designable, Mountable, Fully Insulated, Durable Ice Chest that can help you promote your company or product, show appreciation from employees to loved ones, or to design for your own personal enjoyment. The design option make this product perfect for company branding, incentives, gifts , safety awards, etc... This is a one of a kind product giving you multiple options for your own Iceberg Custom Coolers. Design your own today!

Our Economy Model offers you the same specifications as our premium model without the design capabilities. It is a fully insulated, injection molded, highly durable product that is mountable to many applications. It is  available in multiple color options. The economy model is perfect for fitting fleets of golf cars with a premium ice chest at a great price.This model is ideal for anyone looking for a strong, durable, dependable product with a mounting option unique to the industry.

This Mountable System is a three piece kit that can be made to fit almost any type of application. This mounting system is extremely sturdy creating minimal vibration outside of what the vehicle itself is creating. It will securely mount to whatever application it is fastened to and keeps your custom cooler securely attached for premium security. There are brackets to fit E-Z-GO, Yamaha, and Club Car Golf Cars, along with a universal bracket that is flat but offers you the ability to mold it to your custom preference.