Iceberg Cooler Details

Injection Molded and Fully Insulated on all 6 Sides.
Fully Isulated, Injection Molded, Cooler, Custom Cooler
Ice Pack available to keep your lunch cold through out the day.
Ice Pack, Cold Retention, Ice, Cool, Cold
This ice pack fits snugly in the lid and keeps your lunch cold through out the day, but also allows room for ice with 12-12oz. Cans cans or 8-20oz. Bottles.
This Large Capacity Custom Ice Chest is 11.75 quarts. It will hold 12-12oz. cans or 8-20oz. bottles leaving plenty of room for ice. With the large space available, it will hold plenty of food for your lunch and plenty of beverages for you to stay hydrated for any event! This Ice Chest is fully insulated on all 6 sides including the lid giving it superior cold retention. This allows your beverages or lunch to stay cold for hours on end!
Large Capacity, 12 Pack, Cans, Bottles, Cooler, Custom Cooler
Perfect for your Personal Lunch Box
Luch Box, Bucket, Large Capacity, Cold. Cold Retention, Food, Drink
The Iceberg Custom Cooler is perfect for the everyday working man! Not only does it allow you to pack a large lunch, plus room for a snack or two along with the knowledge that it's durability will hold up under most circumstances. It provides the option to personalize this custom product with the employees name leaving no doubt who the ice chest belongs to. This on top of the fact that these custom coolers make branding with any Artwork, Photos, or Verbage an easy accomplishment is what separates or product from all of the rest! This large capacity custom cooler has revolutionized the industry-providing an injection molded, fully insulated, designable, Stack-able, and durable product that will hold up under some harsh circumstances.