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This New, Innovative product is Revolutionizing the industry. Not only is it a highly Dependable and Durable Ice Chest, it brings options not yet seen in this Industry! This custom ice chest is Mountable, Stack-able, Designable and is perfect for consumers from Individuals to Corporate Companies and beyond. Great for Corporate Events, Fundraising, Employee Appreciation, Safety Awards, Company Branding, Family Memories, Sport Team Souvenirs, etc... These Custom Coolers offer a personal touch for every type of situation giving you the option to design your own look for any situation imaginable.

The possibilities are limitless with this Revolutionary Product!

David Winkler invented this ice chest and the company opened in December of 2010. Dave has invented many products mostly in the Golf Car Industry and after selling his first company in 2006, he began and completed the development of this new and revolutionary product. This custom cooler is extremely unique due to the facts that it allows you the ability to design your wrap in any way you can think of with full color graphics applied on weather safe vinyl. This durable, mountable ice chest is fully insulated on all sides including the lid, and holds 12 12oz. cans or 8 20oz. bottles. This large capacity custom cooler is also perfect for taking your lunch to work daily.

We continue to grow everyday, having landed companies such as Moog Auto Parts, Champion Spark Plugs, and Michelob Ultra just to name a few. One of our many goals is to become the new house hold name in the industry. We are well on our way to achieving this goal due to the fact that we pride ourselves in the quality of our product and our service! Contact us today to order your personal custom ice chest from Iceberg Cooler Company, and there is no doubt you will be a customer for life!